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Eric Sullivan sitting on therapy office couch smiling

Be Happier with 
LGBTQ+ Specialized Therapy

Hello & Welcome

Being LGBTQ+ Can Be Tough

We grow up being taught that being LGBTQ+ is a bad thing before we even realize we’re part of the community. Every time we enter spaces, we feel anxious about whether we will be accepted or made fun of. Even once we’ve come out, we’re regularly dealing with stereotypes and discrimination.​ Over time, this causes us to withdraw, shut down the parts of ourselves that make us special, and try to live up to other people’s expectations. Even though it’s not our fault, it feels discouraging and holds us back from reaching our full potential. 

Luckily, Queer People Are Strong

And here's the thing: we cannot let anyone else steal our joy or future. We are fully worthy of happiness and pursuing all of our wildest dreams. Living openly and authentically builds a unique empowerment that contributes to us having limitless potential.  In fact, being proud of ourselves and living life on ours own terms is one of our greatest superpowers. We can harness that strength and use it to push past fear, go for what we want, and have extraordinary lives, and I'm going to help you get there. 

You Will Level Up Through Therapy

Through investing in your personal growth, you're going to feel the power of knowing you can go for the things you want and get them. The people in your life are going to notice your higher confidence and give you props for honoring your self-worth and asking for more in all situations. ​You'll feel lighter, more relaxed, and motivated to keep challenging yourself. And I'll be by your side through the good times, the hard times, and everything in-between to offer encouragement and to help keep you accountable. I know you can do this, and I'm stoked to be a part of your mental health glow-up!

Hi, I'm Eric (he/him)

I'm a proud gay person and certified LGBTQ+ specialized therapist on a mission to enhance the mental health of my community

Eric Sullivan sitting at therapy desk smiling

Kind Words from Colleagues

Alandria headshot.jpeg

Alandria Mustafa (she/they)

Eric is such a delightful person. He’s so skilled and thoughtful in his clinical work. He seems to thoroughly enjoy supporting organizations in expanding their inclusive practices and clients in gaining the tools to live their best lives!

sam headshot.jpg

Sam Diamond (she/her)

Eric is an incredibly down to earth, compassionate, and knowledgeable therapist. He's passionate about ensuring LGBTQ+ folx have access to safe and affirming spaces, and he brings this passion into the therapy room.

Eric Sullivan working on laptop and drinking coffee

Your Time for Change is Now

No more day-dreaming about the life you want. We're going to make it happen, together. It's natural to feel scared - that means it's going to be worth it. I promise, you can do this, and I'll be by your side the entire way. To your next chapter!

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