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Eric Sullivan sitting on therapy couch and smiling with LGBTQ pride flag

Hi, I'm Eric (he/him)

Rather hear me tell my story?
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As a proud gay person and certified LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist, my mission is to enhance the mental health of my community. For over twelve years, I've directly counseled hundreds of LGBTQ+ people, and I’m grateful to love what I do.

Growing up gay in a small town was tough, but my coming out process was incredibly liberating. I learned that proclaiming who I was and being proud of myself was the ultimate clap-back to everyone that tried to knock me down.

I was also grappling with an unstable home environment and turned to my Aunt, who was also a therapist, for support. Having an outlet to talk about my struggles and get support as a teenager was life-saving, and I knew I wanted to be a therapist ever since then.

Eric Sullivan standing with one leg againt the wall and smiling

When I learned of the nation's only graduate program in LGBTQ+ Psychology in Los Angeles, I knew I had to go for it. I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan... Okay, jk, I actually drove cross-country. 


During my time in LA, I had so many incredible professional experiences. I received my clinical training from the world's largest provider of services for LGBTQ+ people and built a mental health program for Queer youth in the foster care system from the ground up. 


After some time, I shared a challenge with my therapist: "I want to move back to South Carolina, but it doesn't seem like they have LGBTQ+ mental health work there." "Then bring it there," she replied. So simple and so powerful. It was time for my next chapter. 

I moved back to Charleston and opened Proud Counseling in 2017.  I then transitioned from an in-person office to meeting with my people over video sessions in 2019 (yup, before the pandemic).


Fun fact: My online practice started with a request for video sessions from a client who was driving three hours to my office since she couldn't find a Queer-specialized therapist in her area. It showed me I could help more people and have greater impact with virtual therapy.  


I love the convenience and comfort that video therapy provides to the people I work with. I see my own therapist this way too and am a big fan of being able to fit ongoing self-care time into my busy schedule.

Eric Sullivan drinking coffee and working on macbook

Some of the other things that keep my mood up are playing the saxophone, copious amounts of coffee, playing tennis, and hanging out with my friends and family. I especially love being a fun Uncle, which is great practice for my future dream of being a Dad. 


I'm forever doing things that scare me because I know it leads to major growth gains. With encouragement from my own therapist, I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and moved to a new area after craving a life update, and it's been an inspiring change. 


How about you? What awesome life changes are you dreaming about? What's holding you back? Let's talk it out and find ways to make them happen because I promise there's more out there for you and you are worthy of it all!

Let's meet, talk about how we could create more fulfillment in your life, and see if I’m a good fit to support your mental health glow-up. Getting started is the hardest part, but you can do this!


Remember: We only grow if we take uncomfortable action, and it all starts with one step. 


You can take the first step by scheduling your free, no pressure video consultation, which you’ll have from the comfort of your own space. Something tells me you are pretty awesome, so I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Eric Sullivan sitting at therapy desk and smiling
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