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Have a Free 20-min Therapy Consultation to...

  • Meet and get to know each other

  • Talk about the positive changes you'd like to see in your life

  • Ask your questions and get info on how to get started with therapy

No payment info required and no obligation to continue.

**Before Scheduling, Please Note: 

  • My therapy practice is very full, and I only have a couple spots open for new people.

  • I am currently only accepting adults (age 18+) for individual therapy and am not accepting new people for youth, couples, or family therapy. 


To Schedule Your Free Consultation:

  1. Click Here

  2. Select "Counseling Consultation - No Charge" then "Proud Counseling Video" 

  3. Select a day and time (listed in EST but can click change if needed) that works well for you
    *If selecting an appointment within 24 hours, you'll be prompted to call 410-924-4786 to schedule, but text is preferred. 


  4. Enter your contact info (use your chosen name) and click "Request Appointment" 

  5. I'll confirm your appointment and email you the video link and info for your consultation. 

If you have any issues scheduling your consultation, contact me, and I'll help you get scheduled.

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