What is Therapy Like?

What is Therapy Like?


How Does Trans-Affirming Referral Work?



What types of therapy do you offer? 

  • Individual 

  • Gender

  • Youth

  • Couples

  • Family

What are the benefits of video therapy?

  • Being relaxed in your own environment (therapy in your pajamas = awesome) 

  • No driving   

  • Available times that work with your schedule

  • Easy to use from any computer or smart device 

Can I try it first before I commit?

Yes, I offer prospective clients a free 20 minute video consultation with no credit card required and no obligation to continue. This is a chance for us to meet, talk about your therapy goals, and see if we are a good fit to work together. Click here to schedule. 

What happens after I schedule my free consultation?

I’ll email you a brief consultation info form to complete and a link to your video session. Simply click the link to check-in 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Your therapist, Eric, will appear on the video at the start of your scheduled time.

How often will we meet for sessions?

Weekly sessions or bi-weekly (every other week) sessions are recommended, especially for new clients. Monthly and "as needed" sessions are additional options for established clients.

Who is able to access your services?

Prior to the pandemic, I could only work with residents of South Carolina & California; however, most state counseling boards are currently permitting cross-state video therapy. If you live outside of SC or CA, contact me, and I will reach out to your state's board to confirm eligibility to work together. 

Do you provide referrals for gender alignment services?

Yes, I work with many transgender and gender non-conforming people and provide referrals for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), surgical procedures, and changing legal name & gender marker. Check out my video for more info.  

What is the cost of therapy?

Individual, Gender, & Youth: 

  • $150 per 50 minute session

Couples or Family:

  • $200 per 50 minute session 

Can I use my insurance benefits?

Yes, you can use your insurance benefits to help cover the cost of therapy. I am an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies, so I cannot directly bill your insurance provider. Clients pay full counseling fees on date of session, and I provide monthly billing statements that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement based on your plan. You can contact your insurance provider to learn about your benefits. 

Still have a question? Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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